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One can categorize the collection of survey data via computers into three main categories based upon the type of technology relied upon to distribute the survey and collect the data: (1) point of contact; (2) e-mail-based; and (3) and Web-based. Disk by mail was once a common method (Higgins, Dimnik, & Greenwood, 1987; Witt & Bernstein, 1992), but it is used less so now.

Point-of-contact involves having the respondent fill out an e-survey on a computer provided by the researcher, either on-site or in a laboratory setting (Synodinos, Papacostas, & Okimoto, 1994), for organization members who do not use computers in their jobs (Rosenfeld, Booth-Kewley, Edwards, & Thomas, 1996). Point-of-contact surveys have also been popular among researchers wishing to have tight control over the context of the study (i.e., lab based).

The second electronic data collection technique is the e-mail-based survey. E-mail-based surveys are generally defined as survey instruments that are delivered through electronic mail applications over the Internet or corporate intranets (Kiesler & Sproull, 1986; Sproull, 1986). E-mail-based surveys are generally seen as being delivered more cheaply and faster than traditional paperand-pencil surveys; however, they still require the researcher to manually code the data into a database after receiving completed surveys. Researchers have extensively used e-mail surveys within corporations and online user groups (Corman, 1990; Kiesler & Sproull, 1986; Mehta & Sivadas, 1995; Sproull, 1986; Thach, 1995).

The final form of electronic survey, and the technique currently receiving the most interest from researchers (e.g., Stanton, 1998; Zhang, 2000), is the Web-based survey. They are generally defined as those survey instruments that physically reside on a network server (connected to either an organization’s intranet or the Internet), and that can be accessed only through a Webbrowser (Green, 1995; Stanton, 1998). Because a Web-based survey is actually created through the use of a coding language, the potential exists for the survey to change based upon previously answered questions (e.g., providing a different set of questions based on reported tenure in the organization). In addition, these surveys can use animation, voice, and video to enhance the user’s experience. For example, one study provided a sidebar of events that occurred in the year of the respondent’s self-reported birth date to assist the


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